Bookkeeping for Retail and Hospitality in Three Easy Steps

You got into business because you love it — not because you want to spend your free time on cash accounting, inventory management, payroll and payables. Monitor Bookkeeping Services (MBS) is the Retail and Hospitality experts that let you focus on your business. Our simple 3-step system turns one of the most challenging parts of your day into one of the easiest. MBS is a Xero and QuickBooks Partner, too, so if your business currently runs on Xero or QuickBooks, we can help.

Give us a call if you are launching a new business! We can devise a new accounting system tailored to your needs and designed to manage finances easily.

With MBS, we can:

  • Get a thorough review of your existing systems. MBS will review your systems and provide a solution suitable to your needs. Whether you want to keep your existing systems or take our recommendations, we will leave the decision to you.
  • Gain access to real-time data with a secure, cloud-based system whenever you want. We have a cloud-based system that enables you to access your financials anytime, anywhere and on any device so you stay abreast of the changes. Making quick and accurate decisions will no longer be impossible and paper statements will become problems of the past.
  • Get customised solutions that streamline processes and reduce time-consuming tasks. Can you imagine a financial system that automatically generates daily sales and cash flow reports? How about a tool that integrates accounts payable into your financials, sparing you the headaches and expenses that missing a payment entails? Import data into Xero or QuickBooks to ensure your books are Accountant-ready at all times with MBS.

Make Confident Decisions

The biggest benefit of our 3-step Retail and Hospitality accounting system is that you can make calculated business decisions with accurate, real-time information in complete confidence — 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our seamless financial solution for your business keeps you focused on the issues that matter most, such as consistently providing customer satisfaction. MBS puts a financial system in place for your business including additional guidance or strategic planning.

Pain Points Our Bookkeeping Services Can Resolve

Is your bookkeeping a pain for you to accomplish each month? For many small business owners, handling their bookkeeping is the most painful part of the month. Bookkeeping is essential to keeping your business on its feet and a gateway to accomplishing your goals. If you are feeling any of the following bookkeeping pains, you need to make some changes to your current system.

Time Crunch
So little time, so many things to do. You do not have the luxury of time on your hands to accomplish everything. Bookkeeping takes a backseat with the lack of effective system. Why not outsource your bookkeeping tasks to the right people so you can focus on other aspects of your business?

Our bookkeeping service can take on the majority of bookkeeping tasks and let you focus on running your business. You should stay involved enough with the bookkeeping process to remain in control so you can carry out crucial tasks such as financial reporting.


Is bookkeeping getting more and more stressful each day? Do not allow stress to take a toll on your business. Business owners cannot afford to ignore bookkeeping. You need not stress about it as we can take that load off of you.

Where Are We?

Have you ever been lost in the woods or while traveling? It can be a frightening and traumatising experience. Why should your finances be any different? If you don’t know where your business is currently at financially then you are running your business blind. You are running your business based on feelings rather than facts.

With our bookkeeping service, you will always know exactly where you are at. We will serve as your compass so your business takes the right direction. You should set clear deadlines with our bookkeeping service and hold us accountable to meeting your demands. Having a grasp on exactly where you are at financially can be a valuable weapon for your small business.

Where Are We Going?

Do you feel as though you were in an intricate maze, completely clueless about your way out? If you don’t know where you are currently at then you surely have no idea where you are going. Remember, before you had your smartphone with a GPS on it to guide you? How did you get around back then? You looked up directions prior to leaving right? It is really frustrating not knowing where you are going and you are often behind. Falling behind in your business is a really bad thing.

Our bookkeeping service should not only give you a firm grasp on where you are currently at, but more importantly where you are going. Your small business financial reporting should not only identify possible issues, but opportunities as well. If an opportunity presents itself in your financials, be ready to take advantage of it. Conversely, if you see potential problems you want to try and get ahead of them.

Ability To Adjust

Every business should have the ability to survive and thrive. If you know where you are at, you will embrace change instead of shying away from it. This leaves you incapable of making the proper adjustments to keep your business on track.

Our bookkeeping system will keep you fully in tune with the financial aspects of your business. This will give you the flexibility and power that you need to make quick adjustments in your business to overcome market changes and take care of opportunities coming your way. You should be using your small business budget to compare budget vs actual results. You can look for both opportunities and problems to make the necessary adjustments.


Taxes are painful for a lot of businesses. If you are constantly requesting extensions or have not lodged taxes at all, then you need to reassess your financial strategies. If you are still keeping traditional bookkeeping system, then you have no way to solve your tax pain.

With our bookkeeping service you will never have tax pains. If your books are updated on a regular basis lodging your taxes should be simple. You should be meeting with your accountant before year-end to get a tax estimate as well as identify any last minute tax strategies beneficial to your business. Come July you should not be thinking about taxes because you will be focused on keeping your business on track towards its goals. Closing out the end of year bookkeeping should be nothing more than closing out one more month of books

Monitor Bookkeeping Services (MBS) provides accurate, timely accounting for the Retail and Hospitality industry.

Our experienced team of Bookkeeping professionals understands the unique needs of your business — beginning with your need to spend your time focusing on your Customers. Our 3-step accounting system furnishes clear and correct daily financial reports, seamless payroll imports through Xero and QuickBooks and CPA-ready books. Get in touch with MBS and find out why our accounting system for the Retail and Hospitality industry is the leading choice for many of Perth’s most popular establishments.